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Gurbani Santhiya- Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (16GB USB Memory Stick)

Bhai Sahib Bhai Gursharan Singh Ji (Amrit Bani Radio UK Wale) has recorded Gurbani Santhiya of Sri Sukhmani Sahib Ji. Bhai Sahib Ji has also been doing this sewa through the medium of Amrit Bani Radio for many years. Thousands of families have learnt how to pronounce Gurbani in correct way.

We feel privileged to announce that you can now order this 16GB USB memory stick contains MP3 audios through this website. These audio files have been professionally recorded in the sweet voice of Bhai Gursharan Singh Ji and they come in a high quality beautiful 16GB USB memory stick and it is easy to keep it safe and with respect.

This 16GB USB memory stick contains several audio files and each file is easily named/ numbered so you know where you are leaving the Santhiya and where to start it when you sit next time to do Santhiya.

This is a highly recommended product and can you gifted to your parents/friends and families so that can also get benefits from it and learn the right way of pronunciation of Gurbani.

Note: The image of USB memory stick is only for illustration purpose. Actual USB memory stick colour may vary.

Our Price: £60.00